UWE students and St Lukes Steps

Dear Residents of Totterdown,

We are a team of architecture students (MArch, Year 1) from the University of West England (UWE).  For this upcoming semester we have been assigned a ‘Live Project’ (in association with TRESA CIC) to complete based in Totterdown, Bristol.  The designated site for the project is located at the stepped lane access from St. Luke’s Road to Richmond Street.  The overall intention is to enhance and rejuvenate the steps as an interactive and useable space. We aim to provide this by improving the route visually and its accessibility in order to benefit and expand the needs of the local community.

After initial discussion (4.10.2016) with directors of TRESA CIC, Suzanne Audrey and Simon Hobeck, we are currently generating a small design brief towards revitalising the stepped access fit to the area and increase aspects of the Totterdown experience. We are aware of your lively community groups and events; we aim to utilise these resources within our proposals.

We will be promoting the project through social media and various means of advertising, that will make the local residents aware of the project and its on-goings. We would like to invite the community to contribute towards the project in any way they can and are open to any suggestions and participation throughout the process. The main aim is to maximise the community’s input and work together in creating design which emphasises the Totterdown area.

In the upcoming days we will be setting up a Facebook Page related to the project so please keep an eye out for this circulating through the ‘TRESA’ Facebook group.  Next week we plan to be around Totterdown to speak to the local community and start our site investigations. If you are interested in our project and have anything to put forward, please come and visit us. Further details on the days next week we will be available will shortly be confirmed on our Facebook page.

Many thanks and we look forward in working together,

Dan O’Brien, Priscilla Andreia Sousa, Dave Caldwell, Jess Baker, John Mullankuzhy

UWE MArch ‘Live Project’ Collaborators