Victoria Park Cycle Route update

The Victoria Park Cycle Route Scheme was granted planning consent, subject to various conditions, on 8 November 2017. Bristol City Council is now taking the scheme through the procurement stage. Assuming an appropriate bid is accepted, it is hoped the works will start on site by the end of February 2018 and last approximately 20 weeks. The scheme involves the following main elements:-

  • Improving the existing central path, running between the access at the top of Windmill Close to the access at Hill Avenue/Nutgrove Avenue, by widening it to 3.0m;
  • Reinstating historic gateway pillars at two entrances;
  • Replacing seven existing A-frame barriers with K-frame barriers;
  • Providing signage to advise users the path is shared by pedestrians and cyclists, together with some route signage;
  • Installing six new lighting columns on the north section near Windmill Close.

The Start Date and programme needs to be agreed and confirmed with the Contractor.  An early task will be installing tree protection fencing so trees near the works are not damaged.  The works also require path closures but it is hoped these can be done in sections so as to reduce the length of diversions to park users.

A planning condition requires some new bat and bird boxes to be provided within the Park and a wildlife consultant is being engaged to put these up. It is intended these will be up before the end of February 2018 so they can be occupied as soon as possible!

Another planning condition requires the new lighting has restricted hours of operation, in order to reduce impact on wildlife.  The lights will be fully lit until 7:00pm, then dimmed to 30% levels until 10:00pm, when they are switched off until 05:30am.

This scheme is being progressed by Bristol City Council, as part of its Cycle Ambition Fund project, which is mainly funded by a successful bid to the Department of Transport.