VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – callout on behalf of NACOA

Nacoa have been Upfest’s charity-partner since 2009 and raised over £30,000 which has contributed greatly to providing helpline services freely given by people who truly care.

Since meeting Liam Byrne MP, the last two years have seen many changes for children struggling with their parent’s alcohol problems, the setting up of the All-Party Parliamentary Group, the launch of the Manifesto, named as a priority for Public Health England and top of the Alcohol Harm Agenda. There has never been a moment more deserving of shouting Nacoa’s name out loud and we can do that together at Upfest.

We need about 60 volunteers to help in a variety of ways. If you live outside the Bristol area, you can visit the Farm and see Nacoa for yourself over the weekend of 29, 30 and 31 July.

Please feel free to forward this information on, do you have kids who are home from university? Friends who are visiting? Overseas students?

Volunteers need to be over 18 due to insurance