Zone A

After the aborted road scheme in the 1970s that demolished a third of Totterdown, Zone A was given to the people for a community centre.  With no funds to build one, TRESA are slowly improving the area, installing benches, trees, and artworks and making it a calm, breathing space.
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Snowy work party at Zone A

3rd February 2019
On Sunday 3rd February, TRESA held a work party at Zone A (The green area along Wells Road between Highgrove and Firfield street). Work focused on pruning the bushes/fruit trees and cutting back the growth overhanging the pavements.  This makes the pavements clearer and also makes the area tidier. Whilst we were there, we also cleared ice of the pavement by the bus stop.  It was so treacherous and many people had been sliding about.  We then spread some grit to keep it safe.  Thanks to the Floriography team for their work on this. This area was gifted to the…

Tidy up Totterdown

5th March 2017
TRESA and local residents spent Saturday morning on 5th March tidying up Totterdown as part of the Bristol wide "Spring Clean".  A hardy group of 12 people braved the showers to meet on Zone A where they started litter picking and cutting back the bushes. The group then progressed down the Wells Road, with some heading towards Angers Road and others heading for Zone N.  Councillor Jon Wellington and some others cleaned the green park area on Angers Road, although it was looking quite clean to start with. The group at Zone N picked up another four bags of litter from within the bushes,…

2017 Wassailing

18th January 2017
On 7th January, local residents joined TRESA to give a warm welcome to 2017 with the fifth annual wassailing at the community orchard in Park Street and on Zone A, Wells Road. We had a crowd of over 20 people starting in the community space with a drink of cider / apple juice before heading towards the trees brandishing pots, pans, drums and other instruments to make some noise that would awaken the trees. We sang a short song and learned about the history of wassailing. We then "toasted" the tree by sticking cider-soaked toast into the branches and pouring…

Elves arrive on Zone A

2nd December 2016
It's that time of year again when the Totterdown Elves decorate the trees and bushes on Zone A. Last year local people were encouraged to adopt a bauble and return it in December, so it's now time to reassemble the baubles and add some colour to the bushes. The elves are also happy for people to make their own decorations and add them to the trees.  

Cutting the wild flowers

1st December 2016
On Sunday 27th November, a hardy group gathered on Zone A to cut back the wildflower area.  Following a beautiful display thoughout the summer, the old, overgrown plants needed to be cleared to make space for new growth in Spring. In only two hours, the area was cut back, all waste bagged up and taken to the tip.  We also had a bet on how many drink cans & bottles would be fished out of the flower bed.  Guesses ranged from 10 to 27, with the final count being 16 cans & bottles (+ one bicycle chain). Whilst on site we also undertook…

Suzanne Audrey

Project Lead