Zone N – Development plan

Many of us know that Zone N/Bushy Park is a bit run down and mostly frequented by street drinkers and drug dealers.  As a public space, anyone is free to use it. We just wish they would take their litter home! TRESA are working with local landscape architects on a plan to improve the area.

The key aims of the plan are:

  • To make the area more attractive and somewhere Totterdown is proud to own.
  • To encourage positive usage of the area and thus reduce antisocial behaviour.

To achieve this we have developed a plan of incremental improvements that can be implemented over time when ever funding becomes available (since the original grant funding we won was withdrawn to plug the council deficit).

Plan for Zone N
Draft plan showing ideas for improvements. (Click to view)

Phase 1 – Tidy

Quick and easy wins that can be achieved with minimal cost or address the most urgent issues.

  • Remove old concrete bench legs (They’re just an eyesore). (Done)
  • Cut back bushes to improve visibility though the site and discourage mischief. This was also requested by the local police. (Done)
  • Move litter bins as the current location encourages fly tipping. (Done)
  • New wood chippings to suppress weeds. (Done)
  • Move grit bin to a better location. (Done)

Phase 2 – Enhance

Further developing existing features with items that require a bit more effort but can be scheduled within existing maintenance work.  Also those items that require low levels of funding.

  • Regrass the previously bushed area next to the car parking spaces.  This ensures continued visibility through the space. (Done)
  • Plant more birch trees to build on the existing planting and to replace leaning trees (sadly it’s council policy to remove once they lean over 45 degrees). (Done)
  • Repair the rotten steps.
  • Cut back the old bushes alongside the path (but keep the bushes adjacent to the road) and then sow wildflowers and perennials.  This increases biodiversity as well as improving visibility and making it feel less imposing. (Done)
  • Cut back more bushes on the “hillside” to increase visibility so the square doesn’t feel so enclosed or imposing.
  • Grass pathway from the dead end pavement that meanders through the grass.  This invites more footfall through the area. (Done)
  • Improve the street lighting  in the area.  We want some thing that is brighter, more directed, and which looks better.

Phase 3 – Improve

More noticeable changes that add new features to the area.  Also those items that cost more to achieve so would require funding.

  • Outdoor gym equipment such as pull up bars or dip bars that extend the gym into the space, and also offer something playful for bigger kids (somersaults on dip bars anyone?).
  • Install large rocks on the “Hillside” that act as Climbing steps / seating.  Similar to that used in School Road Park.
  • Balance beams on the grass.  These extend the “playful pathway” created by the rocks and encourages parents with children to pass through the area.
  • Build planters around the birch trees at the site entrances (Next to Banco and by the crossing towards Tesco).  These provide flexible seating within the area and also add definition to the site entrance.  This also helps to unify the site.
  • Extend the tarmac over the grass where there is a well worn desire line.  This would create a larger space and a remove the muddy pathway.  More grass is added next to the parking spaces, so the net result is no loss.
  • Tarmac the small “peninsula” of muddy grass closest to Banco Lounge. Make the entrance to the area neater and tidier.
  • Add a new drop kerb where the desire line pathway crosses Bushy park (The dead end leg outside the gym). This improves accessibility for people coming down Winton Street.
  • Cut a new pathway through the bushes on the Wells Road, immediately from the crossing (next to the phone box).  This improve permeability of the area and increases visibility. (Done)
  • Replace the steps with a slope to improve accessibility.

Phase 4 – Inspire

These items are aspirations on what could be achieved once all other items are completed.  They move beyond basic, functional improvements into artistic measures that seek to add beauty and inspiration.  They are also items to extend the improvements across the local area. We would look to consult with the community to gauge the preferred approach for these items.

  • Paint a pattern across the tarmacced area and potentially the road junction at Bushy Park/Winton Street.  This would “pull together” the site with a common theme and also act as traffic calming for the aggressive driving often seen on this junction.
  • Public artwork on the hill.  The top of the “hill” has good views across the city so it would be good to highlight these.  One example is a large picture frame framing the view and  in which people could sit.
  • Coffee van – With a refreshed space, it would be good to get a coffee van or outdoor seating to encourage more positive footfall into the area.  There is lots of pedestrian traffic on the Wells Road at rush hour, so we believe it could be profitable for a trader.
  • Build similar planters on the bushy space by County Street (Next to Mama Bears) to continue the same theme and create consistency as well as improve those small, sad plots of land.

Flyer with details:
Zone N plans