Zone N Work party

On Saturday 25th March, TRESA held a work party on Zone N to tackle the bushes and start tackling some of our planned aims.  We had a great turnout of over 15 people and glorious summer weather shining down on us.

We bought out the scrapstore items for the children to play with in the "square" but most of them seemed to enjoy helping with the work and using wheel barrows to cart around the dug up roots.

With a very generous coffee break supplied by Banco Lounge we managed to achieve all our aims for the day and make a real difference to the site.

Diagram showing outcomes of Zone N work party

Much of the work was digging out roots from the old bushes, so despite loads of great effort, all you can see is mud!  We planted the strip with wildflower seeds and other summer plants so we hope to see some colour emerging in the next few months.  This will really lift the site and provide a great food source for bees.

The pathway from Wells Road into Zone N is only the start to show where the route would go.  The next party will seek to improve it further by making it straighter and more level.  The overall aim is to tarmac the pathway, but our work is a step towards that (and saves money later as labour is not required to move all the soil).

Finally, clearing the excessive woodchip from around the trees allows for regrassing (we scattered lots of seed).  This helps highlight the tree, and make the space appear tidier and well managed.