Zone N

The green area outside Totterdown Gym is often litter strewn, frequented by street drinkers and unloved.  We believe the area could be a vibrant and pleasant space to use.  TRESA have worked with local landscape architects to improve the area and are working to make it somewhere Totterdown is proud to own.
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Gardening work party for Bushy Park – Sunday 17th March

3rd March 2019
A spring work party is planned to perform some gardening on the flower beds and keep it looking nice.  The flowers and shrubs planted last year are doing well ad need a little TLC to remove the weeds around the now sprouting bulbs. We will spend about an hour to take out weeds and maybe spread a little compost ahead of future planting.  As with all work parties, these are open to anyone locally and does not require any skills or tools.  Gardening gloves are useful but not essential. Sunday 17th March (St Patrick's day) 11:30 - 12:30 Meet on…

Update on Zone N funding

7th September 2018
Bristol City Council previously sold an area of Green space (Salcombe Road, Knowle) and the proceeds were to be spent on green areas in Knowle and Windmill Hill. TRESA applied for some funds to improve Zone N/Bushy Park (as it is a "green space" that needed some TLC).  We were awarded £30K to improve the area and other local groups such as VPAG and Friends of Redcatch Park were also awarded sums.  Sadly, shortly afterwards the funding was withdrawn due to council finance problems. Eventually (after some hard work by Knowle Councillor Gary Hopkins and others) the funding was restored…

Bushy Park Work Party – Sat 19th May

2nd June 2018
On Saturday 19th May TRESA held another work party at Bushy Park to continue our efforts to improve the area.  Despite the royal wedding we had a great turnout of over 15 people coming to help. We managed to get loads done.  The embankment along the path was fully cleared of previous bushes and weeds.  We then managed to plant a variety of flowers, shrubs, grasses, and even vegetables.  These are now starting to bloom and we should get a beautiful display of colour throughout the summer. We are especially pleased at the planting of three new birch trees.  One…

Bushy Park work party on 5th Nov

8th November 2017
On Sunday 5th November, local residents held another work party on Bushy Park/Zone.  Following the success of the wild flowers we wanted to plant some more perennials and keep the area looking tidy. A team of seven adults and three children gave the area a good litter pick, weeded loads of beds, cut back overgrown bushes and have given another push forward in our plan to improve the area Another work party is planned for Sunday 19th November (During the Arts Trail)

Bushy Park work party on 17th Sept

19th September 2017
On Sunday TRESA held another work party on Bushy Park/Zone N to continue our work of improving this public space. Our work focused on weeding the wildflower embankment that we had previously cleared.  This really highlights the colourful flowers that brighten the area.  We also cleared back bushes along Wells Road to prevent bushes regrowing and blocking view into the area. We also cleared bushes and weeds from the pathway to the crossing.  Future work parties will focus on making this path wider. The newly planted Birch trees close to Winton Street continue to thrive and are now double their…

Zone N Work Party – May

21st May 2017
On Sunday 21st May, we held another work party to build on previous efforts and improve the area. 10 people came along to get digging. Attention was focused on the embankment along the path as weeds were starting to take over since the previous effort.  We also continued to push back the overgrown weeds on the hillside and sowed more grass seed to further open out this area. Future work parties will continue to focus on the embankment along the pathway as this is a very visible area, helps to improve sight lines and also ensures the wildflowers have time to grow rather…

Birch saplings planted

1st April 2017
Following the success of the work party and awareness of our aims, TRESA were dontated some silver birch saplings.  Four of these have now been planted in the SW corner of the site closest to Winton Street. Photo of newly planted birch saplings Map showing locations of newly planted birch saplings Ideally we would have cleared away the bark chippings and regrassed this area prior to planting the trees but when given a gift of trees, we needed to plant them quickly.  Future work parties will look at clearing the emerging bushes and regrassing.

Zone N Work party

31st March 2017
On Saturday 25th March, TRESA held a work party on Zone N to tackle the bushes and start tackling some of our planned aims.  We had a great turnout of over 15 people and glorious summer weather shining down on us. We managed to achieve all our aims for the day. Much of the work was digging out roots from the old bushes, so despite loads of great effort, all you can see is mud!  We planted with wildflower seeds and other summer plants so we hope to see some colour emerging in the next few months.  This will really lift the…

Verge cut back

24th March 2017
Another step on the plan has been completed with a cut back of the old bushes along the path through Zone N.  This prevents the bushes from growing over the path so makes the area feel more open and safer.  The next step is to dig over this strip and plant perennials, grasses, and wild flowers.

Grit bin relocated

20th March 2017
As part of the overall plan to improve Zone N we wanted to relocate the grit bin that was dumped in an awkward location on Zone N.  TRESA contacted the council to request the bin was moved to the pavement outside the Gym (using the space vacated when a street bin was relocated). Although this is only a small change, it is another step in the right direction of making this space more pleasant to move through.  Upcoming work parties will also look to dig over the area around the birch tree to allow for regrassing. …

Viridor grant of £1000 for Zone N

17th March 2017
TRESA have been granted £1000 from the Viridor Charitable Donation Committee to help fund our improvements to Zone N.  We also hope to get some funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. With this combined amount we will try for match funding from the council (a big ask considering there is so little money at present). This money will be used for more Birch trees, wild flowers and any left over will go towards creating planters/seats for the area.

Tidy up Totterdown

5th March 2017
TRESA and local residents spent Saturday morning on 5th March tidying up Totterdown as part of the Bristol wide "Spring Clean".  A hardy group of 12 people braved the showers to meet on Zone A where they started litter picking and cutting back the bushes. The group then progressed down the Wells Road, with some heading towards Angers Road and others heading for Zone N.  Councillor Jon Wellington and some others cleaned the green park area on Angers Road, although it was looking quite clean to start with. The group at Zone N picked up another four bags of litter from within the bushes,…

Zone N – Development plan

26th January 2017
Many of us know that Zone N/Bushy Park is a bit run down and mostly frequented by street drinkers and drug dealers.  As a public space, anyone is free to use it. We just wish they would take their litter home! TRESA are working with local landscape architects on a plan to improve the area. The key aims of the plan are: To make the area more attractive and somewhere Totterdown is proud to own. To encourage positive usage of the area and thus reduce antisocial behaviour. To achieve this we have developed a plan of incremental improvements that can be…

Funding withdrawn for Bushy Park

25th January 2017
TRESA had been successful in getting funding to improve Bushy Park and we have been working with architects Clifton Emery Design to produce some designs. The funding had been obtained from the sell off of some of Salcombe Road Open Space in Knowle. Sadly the funding has now been withdrawn and sucked into the council coffers to help balance the books. Other schemes in Victoria Park and Perrett Park are also likely to be aborted! Clearly this is disappointing for TRESA as we are keen to make Bushy Park a pleasant heart to Totterdown.  We are still working out what to do next…

Cut back on Zone N

14th December 2016
Following discussion with TRESA and local police officers, the council has conducted a big clear up  on Zone's amazing what a large space we have there. It's being opened up and looks great from the Wells road driving past. Feels better from inside, less intimidating. This starts to give a real glimpse of the potential we have for a great public space.  
Photo of Linn Waite

Linn Waite

Project Lead

How to get involved

Read the plan for the area.
Litter pick.
Plant some flowers.
Come to a work party on site.
Dig up roots where bushes cut away.
Help with fundraising.
Run a coffee stand on site.
Create an artwork for the hill.