Background to Zone N

Picture of Fleapit cinema Zone N and Bush Hotel“Zone N” is so named because following demolition for a road scheme which was never built, the council “zoned” areas of Totterdown for redevelopment.  The area is often called “Bushy Park” and prior to the roads scheme the site was developed with houses, a pub and the site of the “Westminster bank”.

Recently the site has become run down and targetted by street drinker and drug dealers.  People sometimes avoid walking through the area at night.  TRESA has undertaken some activities to improve the area: we installed the cycle racks by the gym to prevent cars driving over the pavement onto Wells Road.  We also accepted offers of benches but the position of one now appears to further attract drinkers.

Funds granted….then withdrawn!

In March 2016, Bristol City Council sold part of Salcombe Road Open Space, in Knowle.  Some of the money raised was passed to the Neighbourhood Partnership to allocate to community projects in parks and green spaces.  TRESA applied to improve Zone N and  the prominent  gateway into Totterdown.  We were pleased to be granted £30,000 .  We added to this £3,000 of S106 funding from development of the YMCA building, that was to be spent on local community spaces.

Following a call out for people to get involved, local landscape architect Clare offered to help along with her employer Clifton Emery who are based in Spike Island. As of Dec 2016 TRESA has met with Clifton Emery twice to discuss a brief.

Sadly, in January 2017 the grant was withdrawn to help plug the cities financial deficit.  This disrupted all plans and everyone involved had to reevaluate plans.

The Future

Following discussion, TRESA and local residents decided to continue with the plans and look for alternative funding to deliver the changes.  The design and action plans were finalised in February 2017 and then publicised for local feedback.  The plan was broken down into four phases of increasing complexity and ambition.

We are keen for people to get involved to develop this vision and help take it forward whether that is on work parties cutting back bushes or helping raise funds for more costly improvements.  If you can help, please contact us.